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FIT Quote Requests & Links

Destination Skiers & Riders want a customized dream vacation. So they need customized pricing. gives you two options for retrieving their vacation quote requests.

Option 1
Quick Quote Links Into Your Booking/Quote Engine

Skiers & riders requesting a customized quote will be linked directly into your booking/quote engine from

For example, has skiers & riders that request a customized quote go directly into their booking/quote engine.

These links can be included in:

Option 2
Quote Request Data will create a customized quote request form for you that will reside on From this form you will receive all the info you need to give the skier or rider a competitive quote.

The data from this form is e-mailed to you, and ONLY you. The data is sent to you directly from the quote request form immediately after the skier or rider finishes entering their ski vacation requirements. No one but you will ever see this data.

Your form can be customized to your needs in many ways:

  • Include All Your Resorts
  • Minimum Lead Time Requirements
  • Restrict Certain Countries
  • Minimum Stay Requirements
  • Type Of Lodging Requirements
  • Add Options: Ski School; Snowmobiling; etc.
  • Contact Info Requirements
  • And much more . . .

Click here to see a sample of a quote request form.