How to Après Ski Like a Pro – 8 Great Tips

My friends often whine to me “I am not a good skier”, or “I wish I could ski, looks fun, but it’s not for me.” Well, here’s your ski solution – be an après skier! You can join in all the fun and camaraderie over cocktails without the risk of falling on the slopes, avoiding the cold and cost.

You can easily excel at après ski, it requires much less athletic prowess, besides balancing on a bar stool, and you can show up to the bar looking fresh, no helmet hair, and jump in as if you have been carving cord all day.

8 Great Après Ski Tips to be top notch, fitting in with your fall line friends when as snow flies:

1. Dress like a skier. Look like you skied even though you didn’t.

2. No need to wear ski boots, real skiers take them off for serious après ski. Instead opt for visible ski socks with loose sneakers, Merrill’s or LL bean boots when in Maine. Ladies can don furry boots, but be careful not to look to chi chi, you are pretending you skied, right snow bunny?!

3. Get yourself a prime bar stool, near the window to watch the last chair lappers. Point outside, laugh, as if that awkward guy actually skiing is a bigger loser than you. LOL

4. Tip the bartender early and enthusiastically. Remember their name, share yours. You will look like a regular and gain bar-respect.

5. Bring a puppy (pet friendly bars only) and say your Dog is training for patrol. Wait and watch as your dog, and eventually you get ridiculous amounts of attention.

6. Wear an air cast or use crutches, and have an epic, convincing story about your heroic crash that was not caught on tape – sadly. #6 is admittedly desperate.

7. When asked in too much detail about your ski day, deflect – ask them: what’s your favorite trail, what do you ski on, how many ski days do you usually bag in a season? etc… Skiers love to brag and boast.

8. Don’t dance in your bare feet, rookie move. There are sloppy skiers in ski boots on the dance floor – ouch! Unless you are going for the “après ski injury” in #6 desperately seeking that sympathy vote.

There you go, kind-of-ski friends…enjoy your après skiing.