Vail's Spring Break Concerts & Parties

Vail's 50th Anniversary Ends With A Jimmy Cliff Concert.

Vail has been celebrating their 50th Anniversary all season with lots of events showing the rich history of this Rocky Mountain resort town. The scheduled events have been much more refined than the actual history of Vail events would suggest.

On the 50th they are finishing the season with a bang, or is it a bong. A Jimmy Cliff concert. It's with Eminence Ensemble as the opening act on Sunday, April 14 in Vail Village at Solaris starting at 4:00 p.m.

It's not quite Vail's BB&B party of old, but it should do just fine I guess.

Here are the schedules for season ending parties and concerts in Vail, Whistler, Breckenridge, and Aspen.

10th Anniversary - Banning Of Vail's BB&B party.

This is also the 10th Anniversary of the banning of the BB&B end-of-season party on Minnie's Deck above Lionshead.

For a few years I went to this season ending party called BB&B. Beer, Boards & Babes, or was it Boobs, Booze and Buns? Bongs, Boomers & Buttheads. Well you get the idea.

It was a blast. People built large snow forts in the woods equipped with water balloon launchers. There were traditional snowball fights and wild costumes. Nothing like the recent on mountain season-ending parties at Vail.

There is a nice post over at markusfarkus explaining the annual, unsanctioned, end-of-season party and it's unfortunate demise.

Here is a YouTube vid titled "Please bring back the BB&B parties in Vail Colorado" that will give you a glimpse of the activities.

The end came quick for Vail's BB&B.

VailDaily - March 7th 2003

"You may even consume alcoholic beverages if you are of age - but controlled substances are out, regardless of age. No one can tell you what to wear, as long as you aren't liable for indecent exposure, so green spiked wigs, pink boas and rainbow-striped knee socks are OK....."

VailDaily - March 25th 2003

An article in the VailDaily explained the company line.

"Named for an alcoholic beverage that comes in kegs and two body parts covered even in the skimpiest of bikinis, BB&B has been a thorn in authorities' sides for years. Billed as a day of drinking and debauchery, BB&B has become a sore spot with law-enforcement officials who say the event's growing popularity - combined with participants' defiance of state and local laws - make the event a threat to public health and safety...."

Then on April Fools Day 2003 the Forest Service Closes 15 Acres at Vail, Response to BB&B Concerns.

"Effective April 1- 30, 2003 the Forest Service will be implementing and enforcing a Supervisor's Closure on Vail Mountain, which will prohibit unauthorized access to the Minnie's Deck area where the end-of-season BB&B event has occurred. The Forest Service issued a directive to Vail Resorts under the terms of their special use permit to shut down the BB&B event on Vail Mountain."

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