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March 15, 2013 | By

Ski Vacation Carry-On Baggage Fees.

New Checked & Carry-On Bag Fees For Skis And Snowboards.

I just updated our Airline Ski & Snowboard Bag Fees page. The airlines are continuing to regulate - AND CHARGE - for your carry-on bags.

Air Canada has increased their fee for your first checked bag from zero to $25. Maybe!

"When you travel on an Air Canada or Air Canada rouge flight or on an Air Canada Express flight operated by Jazz, Sky Regional, Air Georgian or Exploits Valley Air, your complimentary checked baggage allowance is determined by your fare, destination, date of travel and frequent flyer status."

Oh, that makes things a lot clearer. You will need to enter your flight info here to get a the price they will charge you for checked bags.

They also changed their carry-on ski and snowboard boot requirements.

"If brought on board as carry-on baggage, ski and snowboard boots must be carried and remain at all times in the boot bag."

So, I'm flying cross country and sitting in my wonderfully spacious seat on Air Canada and thinking the only thing missing is me putting on my ski boots! Huh! My boots are staying in the overhead thank you. No worries.

Whether you like or dislike Spirit Airlines pricing EVERYTHING a la cart, you have to admit that they also need to work on the complexity of their pricing structure.

"Carry on bags must be under 40 lbs. Overhead carry on fee of $35 when you pre-pay, $50 at airport counter or kiosk, $100 at the gate."

Ok, so that's not so complex. But wow, $100 at the gate?

Most airlines start charging overweight bag fees only after 50 lbs. Not Spirit Airlines. They start charging you $25 after 40 lbs.

Some skiers & snowboarders like a-la-cart pricing like this. They get to choose exactly what they pay for. But you better do your research first so you budget correctly. Go on over to our Airline Ski & Snowboard Bag Fees page and see how much you need to budget. We cover the bag fees for the major 12 North American airlines.

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