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March 13, 2013 | By

People, Not Computers!

Who is going to help you the most in planning your perfect dream ski vacation?

A person or a computer?

Below is a list of 5 of the best ski vacation travel agents I know. I've worked with them for years and refer skiers and snowboarders to them all the time.

You're not going to get the great service they provide from a computer generated web page on Travelocity, Orbitz, Priceline, Expedia, or any other online travel agency for that matter..

The help they provide begins before you ever start packing, before you ever spend a dime! If you are looking for a ski vacation package it's probably because you want a good price on a vacation to a resort that you may never have been to. You don't know where the lodging is located in relation to the mountain. Is it really ski-in/ski-out? Or is it a 3 blister ski-boot walk to the lift? Is the view from the TheBestSkiLodgeEver of a parking lot or the mountain? How far is the resort is from the airport? Are there other resorts nearby? Do you really need a car?

If you don't know the answers to those questions, a ski vacation put together by one of these professionals with experience and knowledge of the resort can be the best way to go.

Randall Howard -

Randall Howard -

I've known and worked with Randall for years. I like him so much I gave him my Taylormade Driver when he had his stolen. Wish I would have kept it now. My new one sucks.

Here is what Randall has to say.

"I just don't sleep that well when it's snowing out, dreaming about all that powder, just piling up. It's like when you were a kid, the night before Christmas, can't sleep just thinking about all the goodies your going to get the next morning. That's what it's all about, that anticipation of the goodies! Call me if you want to feel that way again."

"I've been arranging ski vacations for 18 years now, and having skied over 100 ski resorts around the world, I'm confident I can make it happen for you!"

You can contact Randall Howard here:

Phone: 800.845.7157 ext. 307

Amy Yearwood -

Amy Yearwood -

Amy knows travel. As a matter of fact it seems like every day I'm seeing another one of her facebook posts from some exotic place she is traveling to. Amy, you really need to slow down. No one can keep up with Rick Reichsfeld (her boss).

Here is what Amy has to say:

"I grew up outside Atlanta, Georgia, spending my childhood traveling around the United States with my family and church. I began college thinking a career in education would be my path but grew to learn travel is my true passion. I enjoyed 9 years in hospitality traveling all over the Caribbean, Atlantic and Pacific oceans and dreamed of making an island my permanent home. Plans to relocate to Hawaii detoured to the breathtaking Rocky Mountains. Spending two years in Colorado led me to my home in Park City, as well as the ski industry.

"I love the mountains, the fresh air and the simple life the west has to offer. I can't imagine being anywhere else!"

You can contact Amy Yearwood here:

Phone: 1.800.755.1330 ext. 3214

Jeff Citron - Rocky Mountain Getaways

Jeff Citron - Rocky Mountain Getaways

Yup, that's Jeff in the picture at the very top of this post.

The dancing picture was taken from a short vid I took of him and his wife Lisa during a party at the top of Squaw Valley. Had a great time with them at the Mountain Travel Symposium in Squaw Valley last year.

Here is what Jeff has to say:

"After years of taking the six hour drive from New Jersey to Vermont every other weekend, it was time to make the move. A week-long vacation with my wife in March, house sells in one week in April, and the trek across country at the end of May and here we are! From a six hour drive to a five minute shuttle…getting to the slopes is a lot easier these days. Living in Breckenridge is truly unique, nothing like waking up to 6 inches of fresh powder…and it is June! The summers are short but spectacular with incredible hiking, biking, and beauty. The winters are filled with light, fluffy snow and surprisingly mild temperatures. And let’s not forget the skiing, can’t forget the skiing. To be able to plan wonderful experiences for our clients has truly been a joy, selling something you love in a place that you love makes working a lot easier (especially when your window overlooks the ski slopes!!!!!)."

You can contact Jeff Citron here:

Phone: 1.866.764.3829 ext. 802

Cecil Carver -Tours de Sport

Cecil Carver - Tours de Sport

Cecil is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. I always look forward to seeing him at the ski travel functions we go to. He specializes putting together wonderful ski packages to the Northeastern US and Canada.

Here is what Cecil has to say:

"I've been with Tours de Sport since June of 1991, when rear entry boots were still the rage. An avid, if not technically proficient skier, I have skied at least one run at most of the major ski resorts in the US and Canada, even Alyeska in Alaska. I'm a 1985 graduate of the University of MD (go Terps!) with a degree in Economics & Human Resources. When the snow is gone, I enjoy golf & bass fishing. I live in Belcamp, MD with my wife Wendy and kids, Jocelyn & Andrew."

You can contact Cecil Carver here:

Phone: 1.888.364.0140

Alex Allen -

Alex Allen -

I have worked with since way back in the day, when their name was Aspen Ski Tours. Over 20 years! They have always had some of the best agents in the business. That's one reason they have grown, and grown, and gobbled up a lot of their competition.

Alex Allen is one of's best agents. She's been with them since 2001. She knows her stuff.

Here is what Alex has to say:

"I grew up in Boston in a non-skiing family, but I caught the bug early on. I learned to ski at Wachusett and spent my high school and college years skiing all over the east coast from Jay Peak to Killington.

"I came to Aspen in 1992, venturing farther West than I had ever been. With no idea what to expect, it was love at first 'run.' I started at in 2001, seeing it as the perfect way to combine my experience working at hotels and my love for skiing. Being able to help clients find the best ski destination for their needs - whether it is a family-friendly resort with great ski school, an affordable place to stay with doorstep access to epic powder, or an over-the-top luxury experience – is incredibly rewarding. Vacation time is very important to me and my family, and I work hard to make sure my clients make most of their precious time and experience that elusive 'perfect ski trip.'

"These days, when I'm not booking ski trips, I'm chasing my 9 and 13-year-old boys all over Aspen Mountain. On those amazing family ski days, I think of my clients who are ski trips and delight in knowing they're probably having as much fun as I am!"

You can contact Alex Allen here:

Phone: 800.444.7786 x 3314

So, is it people or computers?

Who is your favorite ski or snowboard travel agent?

Do you like this post?

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