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The price of your lodging is going to be based on how close it is to the slopes. Simply put, the further away from the mountain you stay, the cheaper your room rates. With that in mind, there are three main options for lodging: on resort or in the nearby towns of Winter Park or Fraser.

Trailhead Inn at Winter Park


The Zephyr hotel is at the base of the mountain and provides you with state-of-the-art amenities and extremely convenient access to the slopes. If you desire a lavish on-resort environment, consider booking rooms at the Platinum Lodging Experience or the Vintage Hotel at the entrance of the resort. There is a general store and retail shops in the resort village as well as on-site laundry at all lodging facilities. On-resort accommodations are ideal for vacationers looking for a quiet, high-end luxurious experience.

In Town

If you don’t mind putting in a bit of effort to get to the slopes each morning, you can save a bit of money by booking rooms in the town of Winter Park. Here, numerous options await you - all of which are conveniently situated on Highway 40, 4 mi from the resort. These include the Winter Park Mountain Lodge, Snowblaze Athletic Club and the Trailhead Inn (where we stayed).

Staying at any of these lodges place you close to dining, retail shopping, grocery stores, gas stations, ski rentals, nightlife and other amenities all within the town limits. It is a great option for families on a budget and for people who enjoy a late meal, a few cocktails and some live music.

Alternatively, there is a range of quieter lodging in Old Town Winter Park, which sits between the base and the town of Winter Park. 


Finally, you can find lodging in the neighboring town of Fraser which is roughly 6 mi from the resort. Staying at Fraser is a more relaxed lodging experience that is considerably removed from the bustle of the resort. There are many lodging options such as Two Rivers Condominiums, Holiday Inn Express and Suites as well as holiday homes for rent from Airbnb. You can set out on the town and enjoy a bit of nightlife, a few rounds of bowling or an evening movie while making use of the grocery shops, liquor stores and a bevy of retail outlets. Of course the down side is that it is a bit further out from the resort but it makes up for that in the savings.

Getting Around

The Village at Winter Park Resort

“The Lift” Shuttle

A free shuttle service called “The Lift” makes going to and from the resort very convenient with frequent pick up times,looping between the resort and the towns of Winter Park and Fraser. During peak winter months, the shuttle operates from 7:00am until 12:00 midday with frequent pickups every 15 minutes. You can install an app called RideHop onto your phone or tablet which lets you see the shuttle’s location in real time while providing its estimated time of arrival.

Taxi Service

Taxi cab services in the Winter Park / Fraser area is provided by Valley Taxi. The service runs from 8:00am to 10:00pm.

Uber Car Service

Uber does service Winter Park although coverage is a bit patchy and there is a pretty high minimum charge ($13 for an UberX).

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