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Are there ways to save money on family ski and snowboard lessons?

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Are there ways to save money on family ski and snowboard lessons?
Advice provided by ski & snowboard vacation expert:
Amy Whitley, from Trekaroo.

Your vacation budget definitely takes a hit when ski or snowboard lessons are added to the itinerary. But they're an important part of any family ski vacation with beginner or intermediate skiers and riders. Plus, enrolling the kids in ski school gives parents some alone time on the slopes (or in the spa...your choice!.

There are ways to save money on lessons. First, consider a private lesson instead of a group lesson. Yes, yes, private lessons are more expensive, but wait! At most resorts, it's permitted to enroll up to an entire family in one private lesson. Allowing siblings to share one lesson (or Mom and Dad, too!) is often less money than enrolling each child in a group lesson. As a bonus, they'll get more individualized attention and get to stay together.

Look for packages that bundle lessons with rentals and lift tickets. This is only a deal if your child is of lift ticket fee age (as opposed to free), but if you do have to pony up for his or her ticket, getting a lesson as well can sure take the sting out of it.

If you plan to ski at a local resort all season long, look for a youth ski racing or freestyle program. Our kids learned to ski in an alpine downhill racing program, and had fun racing while learning basic skills. The cost of a racing program can seem high, but most include full-day lessons at least once per week for up to nine weeks. When compared to the cost of nine one-day lessons at a resort, you're getting a deal!

If your family is already advanced in skiing or snowboarding, consider a mountain tour during your ski vacation. Most resorts offer these tours for free at designated times (often 10 am and 1 pm). A mountain tour is a great way to learn inside tips from a local expert, find 'secret' runs and hidden stashes, and learn more about the resort in an intimate setting.

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