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How can we save money on dining during a family ski vacation?

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Ask Amy.

How can we save money on dining during a family ski vacation?
Advice provided by ski & snowboard vacation expert:
Amy Whitley, from Trekaroo.

Three words: your own kitchen. Many ski resort condos, town homes, vacation rentals, and even suites now include a full kitchen. Grocery shop before arriving, and make your own breakfasts and dinners in-house. We like to treat ourselves by eating lunch on the mountain in the resort lodges, but if you're in ski-in, ski-out accommodations, you could stop back 'home' for lunch, too.

Pack healthy snack options in each child's ski jacket pocket before heading to the slopes in the mornings (we like granola bars, trail mix, or energy bars), and use hydration packs to stay hydrated all day. (Kids won't need multiple bottled drinks in the lodge.) In the evenings, we like to treat ourselves to s'mores: many resort villages include communal fire pits where families can gather to share s'more making ingredients, or resorts themselves may pass out the goods.

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