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What are ski vacation package book by dates?

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What are ski vacation package book by dates?
Advice provided by ski & snowboard vacation expert:
Robert Shirk, from

"Book by" dates are generally associated with promotional pricing. The information about the package will include text something like "30% early booking discount must be booked by December 15th". If for example you book a February package in say December you will get a substantial discount over booking it closer to the travel dates of the package. So you still could book the February package after the December "Book by" date, you just will have to pay more for it.

What months do I need to "Book by" to get the best deals?

Over 57% of the 750 discounted deals we looked at had to be booked before Dec 31. Most of those (25.2%) were for a 25% off discount.

The months shown in the chart below were when the ski package needed to be booked by. For example, a package that was for travel in March might have needed to be booked in November to get the advertised discount.

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