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You can find ski hire shops throughout Hakuba Valley. For more information on where to find a shop, check out our detailed Hakuba Valley page


There’s a Japanese ski school at Hakuba 47, however they don't always have English speaking instructors, so often foreigners are referred to the Hakuba Snow Sports School at Goryu. Its headquarters are at the Iimori base area, so quite close to Hakuba 47, and they offer a wide range of lessons and programs to suit all levels of abilities. It’s a full-fledged international ski school, often having instructors to cover a wide variety of different languages.

Prices range from a child’s 2-hour afternoon group lesson at ¥7,000 JPY ($64 USD) to an all-day private lesson for an adult costing ¥50,000 JPY ($458 USD). Our tip is to take the early bird lessons to make the most of fresh snow on the slopes before the crowds get too thick. For advanced skiers and snowboarders, you can even book freestyle clinics to fine tune your skills and backcountry tours for expert guidance in the great outdoors!

If you're after something a bit more personalized, Hakuba Ski Concierge is Hakuba Valley's first boutique ski school. Located at Hakuba 47, they offer private ski lessons and resort guiding. 

Child Care

If your little ones are too young to ski then you’ll find a children’s daycare service at the bottom of the Express 47 gondola in Hakuba 47. Many hotels in Hakuba 47 also offer a nanny service or know of one you can use, as there are quite a few nannies working across Hakuba Valley.

In Goryu, children aged between 1 and 5 years old can be dropped off to the Kids Room on the 1st floor of the Toomi Station at Escal Plaza, but this is only indoor daycare and you’ll have to be back at 12:00 pm as the center closes for an hour. Another option is signing your little ones up to kids ski school so they can enjoy playing in the snow and trying to ski, which is available for both a half day and a full day including lunch.


Not all ATMs accept foreign credit and debit cards - we recommend using the ATM at the 7-Eleven in Echoland in Hakuba or at the 7-Eleven near Kamishiro Station in Goryu which do. Other options for withdrawing cash include the ATMs at Happo Information Center, Hakuba Post Office, and Big Hakubaten supermarket. 

While most places will accept credit cards, you might have to pay a 2.5% transaction fee, so it’s worth carrying cash around with you. It also comes in handy for vending machines and food trucks, which generally just take cash. 


Staying connected to the internet isn’t too hard thanks to the free Wi-Fi available at the base center Euclid and on the mountain at the Alpine Center Minos at Hakuba 47 and the Escal Plaza in Goryu. Add that to the many restaurants and bars that provide free Wi-Fi, and you won’t need to buy a local sim for data! 

Supermarkets & Food Delivery

There are a bunch of small convenience stores around Hakuba 47 and Goryu, but for a big shop you’ll need to visit Big Hakubaten supermarket, out on the main road leading south from Hakuba train station. You'll find everything you need here, and it’s on the night bus route so there’s no need to take a taxi if you want to save yourself a few bucks. 

Or if you’re too tired to cook or dine out, then get food delivered, with staple takeout meals like fish and chips, burgers, roast chicken, and pizza all available. Our picks for food deliveries are Fish Republic, Morino Pizza, West Coast Café (try the ribs!), and Hakuba Pizza - you’re bound to find something you like between these four! 


Hakuba 47 isn't renowned for its shopping options, but 902 in Echoland does stock some great snowboarding clothes and other gear so it’s well worth taking a look. The majority of shops cluster around Hakuba Village, where you’ll find big name outdoor apparel brands like Patagonia, The North Face, and Summit, along with a few other ski and snowboard shops, all within a short walk of one another. Happo Village is home to both a Liberty Skis store and a Head Skis store if you want to check out the latest models! 

Ridge access to backcountry lines in Goryu


For all things health related in Hakuba, check out our in depth Hakuba Valley page.


The easiest place to enjoy the ancient Japanese tradition of bathing in an onsen is at your hotel. But what if it doesn’t have one? Never fear, because there are plenty of great onsens all over Hakuba Valley. Not far from Hakuba 47, at the Hakuba Highland Hotel, is a wonderful onsen with both an indoor and outdoor pool. They even provide you with a ‘how-to onsen guide’ for first-timers! After a quick read you’ll be ready to soak your skied-out body in thermal spring water and let the minerals revitalize your muscles, while you sit back and gaze at the mountain peaks in the distance! Goryu doesn’t have a public onsen for everyone to use, but there’s one close by called Juro Onsen. It’s a five-minute walk from the Iimori train station and is open 24 hours a day during the winter months! There are a bunch of different baths to try out here, some inside and some outside, all with warm mineral spring water for your weary body to soak up. There’s also a sauna and a comfy lounge to relax in once your fingers and toes start wrinkling up!See our Habuka Valley page for information on other onsens in the Valley.

Snowmobile Tours

If tearing around on a snowmobile takes your fancy then get in touch with the guys at Hakuba Lion Adventure! They organize snowmobile tours, where a driver will take on a thrilling ride across the foot of the mountain between Hakuba 47 and Goryu. You’ll also get a chance to drive the snowmobile yourself! Tours kick off and ends in Hakuba 47.


The Kids Wonderland at Escal Plaza is the best place in Goryu to enjoy some sledding, but it might feel rather tame for adults. Children should have a blast here though, and it won't cost you anything because all the sleds and other play equipment are free to use!

Taiko Drums Night

Every Tuesday during January and February, the night comes alive with the sound of a traditional taiko drum performance in Goryu! Watch talented percussionists passionately thump their drums and express themselves together in tightly choreographed movements. Held at Escal Plaza, it’s an event not to be missed and you need to book a ticket before 12:00 PM on the day. The price is ¥5,500 JPY ($50 USD) for an adult and ¥2,000 JPY ($18 USD) for a child, which includes an all you can eat buffet dinner. Sake tasting is also on offer, but you’ll have to pay extra for your drinks! <

Drumming and Sake Night at Escal Plaza

Other activities

A day trip to The Matsumoto Castle and Jigokudani Monkey Park are also not to be missed! Found out more on our Hakuba Valley page

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