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Best Of Jackson Hole.

Ski Corbet's Couloir, and if I survive, apre ski at the Moose, and then it's off for sushi at Nikais'. The perfect day!

This "Best Of" list is very subjective and will change often based on personal experience, reviews and your input. Some of the list is from personal experience and some is from the most popular rankings from review sites like, etc. Send your comments and suggestions to me here.
  On The Mountain
  Best Of Jackson Hole - On The Mountain Lunch
  Casper Restaurant
Offers the largest variety of food and has some of the best fare on the mountain. Great views of the valley.

  Best Of Jackson Hole - Green Run
  Lower Teewinot
The green terrain is served by two dedicated lifts, the Eagle's Rest double and the Teewinot Quad. The green runs are gentle, and some go through the trees. The number of green runs is limited, and it's a big step from those green runs to Jackson Hole blue runs.

  Best Of Jackson Hole - Blue Run
It's one of the longest blue groomers on the mountain.

  Best Of Jackson Hole - Black Run
  Corbet's Couloir
Oh, this might be a little more than a black. If it's Jackson Hole it has to be Corbet's. Head down the tram to Corbet's Couloir. It's a very narrow and rocky chute that requires 10 to 20 feet of air to enter. Check out these three YouTube vids.

Someday, Somebody Will Ski That

Another Corbet's Victim

Corbet's Couloir (and the aftermath)

  Best Of Jackson Hole - Powder Run
  Hobacks - North, South & Middle
Steep, continuous fall-line skiing all the way down to the base of the mountain.

  Best Of Jackson Hole - Apre Ski
  Mangy Moose - "Best apreski bar!!! Overcrowded, once or twice a week they have good bands or singers. For me that place allways fun"

"This is THE SPOT on the mountain to go and get some beers and decent grub. Ski to the door and stumble out hours later type of sitch. It is a very very busy establishment so it may take a while to find a seat and once you get a spot plant yer backside fer a min. and enjoy the grindage and drinks. Uniquely Jackson and a MUST SEE ! ! - "You simply cannot visit Jackson Hole without stopping into the Mangy Moose. This is THE meeting place for great drinks, perfect bar food and/or a wonderful full dining experience. To say that the staff is friendly is an understatement and you'll be amazed at the service, even when the place is packed."

  Village Cafe - "This is the local snowboard/freeski scene's joint for lunch and apres ski. Service ranges from surly to welcoming depending on the bartender's mood at the moment - don't take the surly personally. Saddle up to the bar, high five John Verdon and you'll be surrounded by ski/snowboard film stars, die hard shredders and the people who know where the good snow is."

"A great little cafe at base of the mountain. I've been here probably two dozen times over 15 or so years, and it's been good the whole time, and hasn't even really changed. It has an obvious indie vibe, seemingly aimed at the local boarder scene, but with no attitude directed towards outsiders and tourists."

  Best Of Jackson Hole - Music & Dancing
  The Million Dollar Cowboy Bar
Yelp - "Million Dollar Cowboy Bar is a country western bar with a live band that plays old and new country as well as some rock. For such a huge bar, the dance floor was kinda small and it was busy!"

Tripadvisor - "Classic cowboy bar decor down to the saddle bar stools. Small dance floor where we were able to two-step with the best of the locals. Live music, check the wedsite calendar for bands. Arrive before 6 PM to avoid the cover charge if you don't plan to make a night out of it."

  Mangy Moose
Yelp - "We were there two evenings. They had a more local band. We had to pay $15 cover charge. There was a lot of dancing. Last night MTHDS played. The cover charge was $8, but we were only charged $5 since we had dinner there. This band was much better...interesting songs."

  The Silver Dollar Bar
Yelp - "With live music on tap for the evening, the locals were taking turns on the small dance floor, entertaining the tourist crowds with their two step. Even with many small tables and a big bar, we were hanging in the over crowded standing room only for the rest of the evening. Fun times."

"Definately something of a tourist destination, and also clearly the local hangout spot for the over-30 crowd. But there's a nice big bar, plenty of seating, and it's a very chill location. Cool, old-west-style ambiance, and they've got live music a few nights a week too. But if you're under 30, I recommend going elsewhere."

  Best Of Jackson Hole - Breakfast
  Nora's Fish Creek Inn - "I'm so glad I did my research, found out about this place, and drove the extra few minutes out of town to get to it. It's one hell of a breakfast! What a wonderful little hometown joint. But don't be fooled, everyone knows about it. It is absolutely packed!" - "In this expensive area near the Teton Village hotels, Nora's Fish Creek Inn had the best breakfast in the Rockies! You've got to try their Blueberry Pancakes when you go! Huge (the size of a plate) and delicious. What a treat each morning."

  Best Of Jackson Hole - Lunch
  Backcountry Provisions - "I'm from Philly so I know sandwiches, and these are good sandwiches. You can build a custom sandwich, and they really give you a lot of choices in what bread, meat, cheese, spread, and veggies you want. And you can add as many veggies as you please for no extra charge, and they have a huge list of choices."

Yelp - "We were looking for a casual place to stop at that was good with kids and just happened to find this place on a side street off the main drag. There was a constant stream of people either eating there or picking up to go orders and once we got our orders we knew why. The sandwiches were stacked with meat, not just one or two slices and tasted great. The staff was also very friendly and helpful."

  Best Of Jackson Hole - Hamburger
  Billy's Giant Hamburgers - "This little hole in the wall on the main drag serves the best burgers in the US. You can bring in beer or a drink from the bar next door! Don't miss Billy's if you're in Jackson."

"This place is awesome. No matter what time of day, there's always a crowd. The burgers and fries are great. The service here is even better. It is definitely no frills, but they're funny and creative, very friendly, and have great advice for places to try and places to skip. Don't miss this spot."

Yelp - "Incredible Burgers!! Styled after a 50's diner the menu was short and to the point. The beef was fresh and very moist. No frozen patties here!! Alcohol available at the Cadillac Grill (attached). The crew working was fast, funny and friendly. A must eat when in Jackson!!"

"If you like burgers, then you'll want to stop here if in Jackson, WY. It's not fast food. Burgers are big and juicy. I stop here everytine I'm in town."

  Best Of Jackson Hole - Dinner
Italian - Yelp - "What I really like is the food quality of the boutique style pizza, pastas, secondi and salads, which for the most part are really nice and flavorful. Osteria is a bright, fine(r) dining option right in Teton Village where the ski resort is. It's in gorgeous, hip Hotel Terra and one of the only non-western or Austrian kitchy dining options at the resort. The restaurant bases its menu on restaurants like Batali's Lupa in NYC. It's a fantastic hotel restaurant."

"Several nights' observation taught us to snag the best table: a fireside outdoor table. It was getting dark - and cold - by the time we got our main courses, so the fire was key to sitting outside. Inside was noisy chaos, but outside under the stars, by the fire was peaceful and romantic. I would have eaten there every night if I had known it was going to be this good!"

  Rendezvous Bistro
French - Yelp - "Don't exactly know what to say about this place outside of this: We'e gone two out of the last three nights. This place is legit. You could drop the food in the Bay or NYC and this place would hold up more than just fine. And in true Jackson fashion, you can find beautiful people here or you can find lifty locals. It suits all types and the food is excellent."

"The Bistro is the ultimate locals stand-by for date night, birthdays, dinner with friends and my first thought when going to dinner. The food is reliably good, interesting and not crazy, tourist trap expensive. It's French bistro done mountain-style with a raw bar twist."

  Nikai Sushi
Sushi - The best wild salmon sashimi I have ever had.

Yalp - "Being a local in Jackson, it is wonderful to have Nikai when I get a sushi craving [which is quite often might I add]... I have been to Nikai more than a dozen times and every single time I have gone, it has failed to disappoint me! This is a must try for sure if you're in Jackson. I know you're probably thinking, "but I want local color, Jackson food" well honestly, this is a restaurant that should be an exception!"

Urbanspoon - " Dining out in Jackson is like hopscotch: Nikai twice, Blu Kitchen once, Nikai twice, Blue Lion once, Nikai thrice, Rendezvous Bistro once...I'm telling you, don't bother skipping. I have never been disappointed with Nikai. Unmatched on all counts."