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Keystone Resort, Colorado
Where to begin....Keystone is amazing, as simply one can put it. The resort offers amazing varieties of groomers, pow runs and tree runs but Keystone is more than that. It is a place for friends, family and memories. Aside from the snowboardint/skiing, the resort offers shops, restaurants and plenty of options of finding what you are looking for on the go.
Aug 08, 2019
Sam S. advanced snowboarder
Nakiska, Alberta
It is a nice ski area about 1 hour drive from Calgary and even closer to Banff and Canmore. It offers a variety of terrain for beginner, intermediate and advanced skiers. The ticket prices are very reasonable. Highly recommended.
Aug 08, 2019
Angel A. advanced skier
Beaver Creek, Colorado
My wife and two kids 12, 15 had an amazing visit over Christmas 2017. The resort is in the most ideal location. It's perfect for easy ski in and out. There lockers for boards and skis and the resort offers multiple options for dining. Additionally, they have a very friendly and efficient shuttle service to main street. The rooms were well kept and roomy. As importantly, the service was friendly and accommodating.
Aug 08, 2019
Robert H. advanced snowboarder
Whiteface Mountain Resort, New York
Awesome groomers, friendly staff, and great food. Lines typically move pretty well. Awesome mountain for intermediate to advanced skiers and boarders.Love Whiteface. I can't wait to get back up there this season!
Aug 08, 2019
Randy M. intermediate snowboarder
Northstar California, California
I grew up skiing this resort. I've skied most of the resorts in the Tahoe area and for the North side of the lake, Northstar is my favorite and in my opinion, far away the best on that side of the lake! Great runs, great atmosphere, great views, great resort!! Loved the village too!
Aug 08, 2019
Michael L. intermediate skier
Kirkwood, California
I've skied almost all of the ski resorts in the Tahoe area. Kirkwood was far and away my favorite. The snow, the runs, everything about the experience was phenomenal. The first time I skied there I was newly engaged - I'll never forget that day! I can't wait to have the chance to go back!
Aug 08, 2019
Michael L. intermediate skier
Heavenly Mountain Resort, California
Skier and family friendly great place to have family vacation you stay in lake tahoe great nightlife for everyone casinos on the Nevada side you can ski in California or Nevada
Aug 08, 2019
Richard A. intermediate skier
Winter Park Resort, Colorado
Winter Park is Colorado's Favorite for a reason. It's on land owned by city of Denver and has a rich history as one of the first Colorado ski areas because it was accessible by train -- and at least for this ski year 2019 will be accessible by the Winter Park Express Ski Train, operated by Amtrak. (It's a three-year contract for operation with the third year being 2019; hopefully the Ski Train will continue.) The best terrain as locals know is the Mary Jane Territory, and locals know the two parking lots that still allow for ski-in and ski-out parking and lunchtime grilling on your tailgate. Mary Jane, a brothel owner who also owned that portion of the ski area now known as Mary Jane Territory, donated the property to the ski area and Winter Park opened the Mary Jane side of the mountain in 1975. Mary Jane Terrain is known to locals as the best place to ski in Colorado and is known worldwide for its great terrain and especially for its great bump runs and great tree runs. The Winter Park and other "territories" within the ski area are fantastic as well. Ask some locals in the know about the Rasta Shacks that pepper the more than 3,000 acreas of skiable terrain! They may be a perceived liability to the ski area operators due to potential for injury to clumsy ski area customers, but locals continue to rebuild them when the ski area tears them down and there's one three-story high Rasta Hut that's off some double black diamond terrain (so hard to be so clumsy as to be tripped up by a Rasta Hut when you can ski double black diamond terrain). Best of course to ski with a local or to become a local to ski this terrain. But if and when you do you'll be handsomely rewarded!
Aug 08, 2019
Roger A. expert skier
Alta Ski Resort, Utah
Came to alta in the summer. It is a beautiful place but not much to do. The hikes are gorgeous and the people are nice though. I want to go back in the winter!!
Aug 08, 2019
Brent D. intermediate snowboarder
Purgatory, Colorado
Purg is one of my favorite off peak ski resorts. Peak season the place is inundated with Texans. The nick name "traverseatory" does hold true as the mountain is layed out in a staircase pattern of steep than flat and so on. My personal favorite area is anything off of lift 8. Purg has that locals feel and additude when not in a peak weekend. The staff is friendly and helpful. Dinning on mountain is typical ski resort fair, but the dinning options in the near by town of Durango are amazing. I would say if you're passing through it's worth a stop to get some runs in for sure.
Aug 08, 2019
Kyle E. advanced skier